Image Terrain
"How to begin!"

Select an image from our Sample Image Library:

Go to “Image Playground” at the top and scroll down to “Sample Images”. Here you will find a collection of preloaded images to select from.

Upload your own image

As a subscriber you can design with your own image reference also.

a- Go to the “Image Playground” and scroll down to “Workstation”. Here you can upload your own image reference by clicking on “upload” at the top right of the page.

b- Browse your computer and select a file. Give it a name, a description, and click, “upload”.

c- Make sure the image file is a jpeg, no larger than 15mgs and maximum size of 4500 x 4500 pixels.

d- Now go back to the “Work Station” or “Source Images Gallery” and your image will appear in the gallery ready to design.

Create Original Design Collections instantly:

a- Click on the green icon to the lower right of the image-in either your “Work Station” gallery or in the “Sample Images” gallery-to begin designing.

b- Arrive at the grid extraction “Pattern Generator” page.

c- Click on the “Auto Grid Extraction Overlay” button first. Choose either Black Grid or White Grid and then click “continue”.

d- Select one of the 8 grids displayed and click “Continue”.

e- Select 1 of the 2 or 3 grids displayed.

f- The grid you choose will appear on the image. Now select an area within the grid on the image and click on it.

g- This area of the image is your chosen “Extraction Area” and is now displayed. Notice your history above and the Design Collection categories to the right side.

h- Click on a Design Collection category and review the designs that are created.

Each time you view a design category you expire one of your available “Design Collections”. You will see it deducted from “# Design Collections you can Create” balance at the top left side of your screen.

Try using the “Manual Extraction” tool to select a custom area of your choice to create designs.

Create a Gallery:

a- Go to “Image Playground” at the top of your screen and scroll down to “Create New Gallery”.

b- Browse your personal files or select an image that you have already uploaded to your “Work Station”/”Source Image Gallery”.

c- Name your gallery and give it a project title and description. d- Click on “Create” and you see your gallery displayed.

Store images in your galleries:

a- Once you have created an image that you would like to save in one of your galleries click on “Save to Image Warehouse” on the large thumbnail preview. Repeat this process with up to 40 images.

b- Go to “Image Playground” and open up “My Image Gallery”.

c- Click on the gallery you would like to open up and save images to.

d- Click on the “Image Warehouse” tab and select an image and drag it towards your open gallery.

e- As soon as you see a grey display area appear simply drop the image in and it will appear in that gallery.

Purchase an image:

As a subscriber you can purchase and download any of the high resolution images you have created. When you decide to purchase an image, click on the “Add to shopping Cart” link in the enlarged view of the image thumbnail.

On the left side of the page, under your login information, you can view your cart & review your selections. Make sure to delete any images you don’t want to purchase. Once you click on “Purchase”, the design is yours to download once it is ready.

Your image selection and purchase has now been deducted from the balance of images available in your package. You can see the list of images you have purchased at any time by going to “Purchased Images” folder at the top left of your screen.

Your selection then goes through an image conversion process and is made available for you to download within 1 to 10 minutes but depending upon internet traffic it may take longer. You will receive notification that your selected image is available on your “Purchased Images” page. The status will start by displaying “Not ready” when you first select it and then change to “Ready”. At that point you can click on the order number and download it to your desktop. Your purchased images remain in your “Purchased Images” folder for 30 days and are available for you to download multiple times within that time period.

The size and resolution of your images:

The maximum “standard” downloadable processed image size that comes with your subscription package is 24”x 24” at 300 dpi x 300 dpi. All processed images that are larger tan 24”x 24” are automatically constrained to 24”x 24” for customer download.

Go to “Getting Started” for more detailed information.