About us / History
John Arabolos and Harold Meth met around May of 2007. John is the principal of Arabolos Design Associates; an Interior Design company in West Haven, Connecticut and was also teaching as a Professional in Residence in the Visual Arts Department at the University of New Haven. Harold owned and operated an advanced New York City based computer design textile studio for the past 25 years and was working with some of the most prominent apparel and home furnishing manufacturers in the world.
They met through Harold's girlfriend, Maria Stasolla, the principal of Integratedartsmanagement.com a fine art resource for the most prominent Architectural and Interior design firms in the world as well as the N.Y. Metro agent for Artfolionow.com, the Connecticut artist's group that John is affiliated with. She was convinced that the two men should meet immediately.
John is widely acclaimed for his body of investigative artwork called "Chaotic Symmetries", an algorithmic morphological process that creates imagery through an innovative design process based upon the relationship between "Chaotic" random imagery and that of the underlying systemic structures of Symmetry. He began this artistic investigation approximately 10 years ago. Shortly thereafter, Jodi Pfister, his design and computer technologist assistant, joined in his quest by helping him to realize his concepts and designs through computer assisted drawing (CAD) techniques.
John had told Maria on several occasions that he felt the process he was developing would be applicable to the textile design industry and because Harold was always searching for the next unique applied technology for the design industry, Maria decided it was time to get them both together in one room. When they met there was an immediate meeting of the minds. John demonstrated to Harold how his innovative design process worked. Harold went home and completely lost himself in this artistic process for the next three months. He didn't leave the house, barely ate and lived in front of the computer, unwilling to do anything but apply John's amazing process to image after image after image, creating stunning new original designs every time.
They quickly realized that some type of vehicle must be created to put this process and it's amazing design development tools in the hands of artists and designers all over the world; first via a web application on the internet and then second, to be followed by a user friendly software product that could be available to every and all artists and designers in all the creative fields. As John and Harold began to show the results of this process to many professional commercial artists within the design community, it was clear that nothing like this had ever been attempted or done before and that they would be introducing a totally new "disruptive design technology" which would forever change and both aesthetically and technologically advance the world of art and design.
In June of 2007 John and Jodi worked together for a period of six weeks and completed a five hundred page document which was submitted as the first part of the application process for a patent. The Patent attorneys acknowledged that they had never before seen anything like this invented or submitted for a patent.
As John and Harold evaluated many possibilities for a corporate name, they realized that the images being created existed within the terrain of a totally newly developed two dimensional image representation and so consequently the name; "Image Terrain, Inc." was born. Since then Image Terrain has attracted a core group of creative associates and investors. Consequently to build this unique company, John, and Harold have since put into place, a highly experienced technological team as well as an enviable legal, marketing, sales and distribution force.